Published in Louder Than Ten's COAX Magazine

I recently had the honor of penning an article for COAX, the online magazine of the amazing duo behind Louder Than Ten.

Initially, they had contacted me to inquire if I would be interested in doing an illustration or two for their upcoming Spring-ish issue. I was interested. But after I was told what the theme of the issue would be, I casually mentioned that I might also be interested in writing a few words about the subject myself. I pitched my general idea for a story over the phone, then submitted a rough outline. Amazingly, I got the chance to write my story and do some drawing.

The theme of the issue, broadly-speaking, was "Burn it down, build it up". 

 This is my story >>

A Pricing Experiment

For potential clients, the web design and development marketplace must be like walking through a Moroccan Bazaar replete with monkeys and midgets. Everywhere they turn, vendors are vying for their attention and shouting about the latest web technology and the greatest design solutions and the best deals. Buyers are understandably dazzled and confused by the plethora of choices they confront whilst having to be constantly vigilant against unidentifiable pickpockets.