16toads accepted into the ExpressionEngine Pro Network

We are very pleased to shout that 16toads has recently been accepted into the ExpressionEngine Pro Network.

We found Expression Engine after a long and frustrating search for a CMS platform we felt comfortable recommending to our clients. After plodding through installs of a number of popular open source CMS platforms, and generally hating the results, we were desparate to find a system that was built with web designers in mind.

A chance forum link introduced us to EE. We took the plunge and gave it a trial run by converting our own web site into a fully-functional content-managed web site. The result of our experiment confirmed that EE was exactly the CMS platform we had been looking for.  A year later, we have implemented EE on a half dozen projects and have a half dozen very happy clients who are no longer bugging us to tweak copy on their web sites.

We are thrilled to be listed alongside some of the industry’s best talent and look forward to bothering the fabulous crew at EllisLab with our inane tehnical questions.


Here’s to many more happy clients ...