Want to hire aN EXPERIENCED lead designer but don’t know if you have the budget to justify the expense? Let me share a little secret:

You don’t need a full-time UI/UX design director. 

Flexibility and efficiency starting at $2,600 per month.


Partnering with an efficient, talented designer director who can work hand-in-hand with your marketing and development teams when you need him most is worth his weight in gold.

The question isn’t whether or not design can help improve your startup, company, or product. Of course, it can. The question is: What does a design director actually do? A design director's job is to assist you in developing and implementing design-appropriate strategic solutions. In other words, I collaborate with you and your team to create a road-map your team can follow to achieve your creative vision. Over the course of my career, I’ve encountered few companies who could keep a talented design director busy 40 hours per week for 52 weeks.

A design solution is a strategic investment. It doesn’t require constant attention or incessant tweaking. Design is meant to evolve over time. It requires making smart decisions based on current needs or research, then making adjustments after you’ve given those changes time to gel or when a special circumstance necessitates a new approach, like a new product launch or a seasonal campaign push.

There is no “right” solution, only smart approaches.

University of Colorado, INSTAAR 

University of Colorado, INSTAAR 


My name is Paul Burton and 16toads is my UI/UX design studio and web consultancy. I’ve worked closely with many companies over the past twenty years helping them improve and transform their customer’s online experience through design — From marketing site design to interaction design and web animations to HTML email marketing, internal workflow and content strategy. 

I realize that potential clients have a multitude of choices when it comes to finding the "right" designer or design studio for their project(s). I also understand that value is a balance between price, quality, and service. And I believe you will find my approach to be a refreshing departure from other independent web consultants. My job is to make your life easier.

So, what do I charge? I’m happy you asked. 



Your design problem is the only thing that should be “complicated”. 


No estimates. No change orders. Simple, straightforward pricing for exceptional creative design and strategic solutions.

You will know precisely how much to budget for your design needs and never have to second guess your decision to hire a full-time employee who you may or may not be able to keep busy 40-hours per week. Over the long term, you will save a small fortune and get to enjoy multitude benefits of working with a reliable, seasoned professional who will help you develop a design strategy your team can follow and work with you to adapt as-needed as your company grows.


1 month

20 Hours = $3,000

30 HOURS = $4,200

2 months

20 HOURS = $2,800

30 HOURS = $3,900

3 months

20 HOURS = $2,600

30 HOURS = $3,600


What to expect

You choose how many hours you want to engage with me per month. Then provide me with the materials I will need to get up-to-speed with your company, customers, and project, product, service, or design conundrum. I’ll review your materials, then we’ll meet to discuss the challenges, talk through potential solutions, establish design goals for the month, and solidify or adjust the engagement timeline based on the scope of the project. Then we get to work. 

Let’s define your needs

Do you need advice how to improve your HTML email marketing efforts? Are you losing customers before they complete the onboarding process? Perhaps you need to develop marketing funnels to help direct your customers from the home page to a specific product page?  Do you need to create a comprehensive suite of marketing initiatives to support the launch of a new product? Do you need help creating a brand identity or design aesthetic for your new web site? 

On a monthly basis, I will help you determine where my skills can best be utilized based on your needs. We’ll work as a team to make the necessary improvements in any of the following areas:

  • User Interface Design & Consulting
  • User Experience Strategy & Design
  • Web App Interface Design
  • iOS Interface Design
  • Marketing Site Audit
  • Prototyping
  • Information Architecture
  • Signup & User Onboarding Process
  • Conversion Funnels
  • Interaction Design & Web Animation
  • Front-end Development Consulting
  • CMS Integrations Consulting
  • Branding and Storytelling
  • Copywriting and Voice Development
  • Creating Style Guides
  • Internal Workflow Consulting

At the end of the month, if there is work left to do you can reserve my time for another month or we can work together hourly to complete the outstanding task(s). Either way, you can rest assured the job will get done.


It doesn’t get much easier

Your partner.

Your designer director.

When you need me.

Save yourself the headache of trying to shoehorn a full-time employee who may or may not possess the skills you desire into your annual staffing budget. You need a partner who can be counted on when you actually need a design director to help you navigate potential solutions. 

Assuming you want to use every resource you have at your disposal to give your product every advantage possible, you grasp the advantages of working with a seasoned professional, and you understand how design can improve your business, by all means, introduce yourself and tell me how I can help you. I’ll respond within 48 hours and we can start the conversation.

Cheers and I look forward to working with you!

Let’s get started

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